Quonochontaug Historical Society

We have listed below a description of items available for purchase.   This would be a great way to gift people or yourself in the upcoming Holiday season.   All proceeds go to the work of the Quonochontaug Historical Society.  To print the order form, Holiday Book and DVD Sale Order Form.


Bill Wilson, President

$20.00 per copy

$10.00 each

$10.00 each.

$25.00 per copy

$10.00 each.

$15.00 each

Quonnie, Legends and History , by Fr. Crispin Jones.   We are now in our 3 rd  printing and have 50 additional copies for sale. We have received great reviews of this book and folks have bought additional copies for friends or family.  Roy E. Jacobsen, Editor. 

$25 per copy

West Beach Recollections ,  is a DVD featuring Hope Andrews, the oldest living member of this community.

The family of Hope Greene Andrews has been at West Beach, Quonochontaug since the late 1870's and 1880's. Her maternal grandfather built one of the first cottages on the breachway and also ran a general store, which later became the store of the beloved "Mother Brindley" of local legend.   In her lifetime, Hope witnessed the large hotels, boardwalk and the Coast Guard Station and the demise of all in the great Hurricane of 1938. Hope's little cottage off West Beach Road was badly damaged in Hurricane Sandy and has since been torn down.

$10 each.  Sold Out    Should this be eliminated here and placed under oral histories on the resources page?


Using GPS coordinates, participants hunt for three caches hidden by QHS in public areas around Quonnie.  In each cash will be a box containing something related to Quonnie history.

If you are interested in learning more about Geocashing, this book may be helpful to you.  

$15 each.

Quonnie People, Places and Pathways ,    A Self-Guided Historic Walking/Driving Tour of Quonochontaug, Rhode Island by Anne Schafer Doyle.   

This popular book was written and compiled by Anne Doyle, former President and now Archivist of the QHS.   The book comes with a map of historic houses of Quonnie's various beach communities with a short history and pictures of historic homes and pictures. 

$20 per copy

Ashaway Colony Beach Walk,   A spiral 4 ½" by 5" compilation of 14 black/white, colored and sepia post cards from the turn of the 20th Century and old and current pictures of houses in this area. 

It features pictures of homes in the Ashaway Colony (off Ashaway Rd.) to Morris Point including the original Quonochontaug Inn, the only original Inn still standing which survived the '38 Hurricane; now used by the Sisters of Notre Dame as a retreat house.  Compiled by Donna Jordan. 

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East Beach Recollections , is a DVD featuring the family of Phyllis Burdick Reynolds who had a presence in Quonochontaug since the early 1800's. Her ancestor Robert Burdick was an earlier settler in this area and was a part of the Misquamicut Purchase in 1660.

Phyllis is an enthusiastic family historian. She and her son, Stephen D. MacKenzie, have researched the area's Native American history and her family's history taken from historical records, documents and photos preserved by her grandfather, Hazard Hoxsie Burdick. Hazard H. Burdick built his summer farmhouse on Ninigret Pond in Quonochontaug in 1906.

$10 each.   Sold Out  Should this be eliminated here and placed under oral histories on the resources page?

“Quonnie- People, Places and Pathways”

“Quonnie, Legends and History”

“Ashaway Colony Beach Walk”

“West Beach Recollections”

“East Beach Recollections”