Quonochontaug Historical Society

Before East-West Farm was located at the corner of West Beach Road and Route 1, the farm was situated opposite what is now Galapagos.  When Route 1 was widened in the early 40’s, the farmhouse was moved to it’s present location. 

A barn and chicken coop were built, and the farm was named  “East and West Farm”.  

The farm located in the 1930s opposite Wilcox Tavern

More destruction from the 

’38 Hurricane

The Widening of Route 1 

Early 1940’s

New Barn 

on the West Beach Road Site

The Hutchins Men Bringing

in the Hay

Mr. Hutchins after the 


Mrs. Hutchins

The farmhouse on the move to its new location on West Beach Rd.

The Widening of Route 1

Early 1940’s

Tending the sheep

Dick Hutchins

All the Hutchins Children

38’ Hurricane destruction on the farm

The Farmhouse

The Widening of Route 1

Early 1940’s

Mary Lou Hutchins

Dick’s Sister

East and West Farms

on West Beach Road

Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins